Hydraulic Powered

Electric Actuator for Engine or Turbine Control



A UG-8 drive in good condition makes an excellent MPU signal source. Alternatively, the UG-ACTUATOR is available with an LVDT for position feedback.


The UG-ACTUATOR uses the same cast iron case as the UG-8 governor. The oil pump is the proven high-output Gerotor, designed to provide long life with minimal maintenance. The actuator uses standard UG-8 output shafts, power levers, power pistons, and piston links. The base is designed to precisely fit any drive designed for a UG-8 governor, and maintenance procedures are similar to those of the UG-8 governor.


The actuator’s electric-to-hydraulic transducer uses a Woodward-built torque motor which converts the 20–160 mA control signal to a given output position.


The UG-ACTUATOR takes a given electrical input signal and converts it to a proportional hydraulic output-shaft position to control engine fuel flow. The standard UG-ACTUATOR produces approximately 20 J (15 ft-lb) of work over 42 degrees of rotary output.










The ProAct Analog product line is a family of electric actuators intended to be mounted on-engine to control varying functions including (but not limited to): fuel rack positioning, timing control, throttle valve, and wastegate positioning. The actuator is effectively a positioner with an integral driver, which will accept a position command signal from another device in the system such as a speed control.


In addition, the ProAct Digital Plus actuators include an integral digital driver capable of controlling the actuator, communicating with the outside control system, and containing on-board software and intelligence to realize monitoring and customizing functions.



















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ProAct Analog and Digital Plus

Electric Actuators with Integral Driver














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