Generator Control & Engine Management Package
















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Generator System Control Package

EGCP-3 LS Multi-unit Load Share &

EGCP-3 MC Multi-unit Mains Controller














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Peak 150

Digital Control for Steam Turbine














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2301D and 2301D-EC

Digital Load Sharing & Speed Controls






















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The EGCP-2 is a microprocessor based complete generator control and engine management package. It is designed for use with an automatic voltage regulator and a speed control to automate and protect diesel or gas engine based generator sets. Designed for small to medium size generator sets, the EGCP-2 can be configured to operate stand-alone or utility paralleled sets. A network of EGCP-2 controls is capable of controlling up to eight unmanned generator sets for base-load, peak shaving, or backup power generation.


Woodward released new EGCP-2 controls, 8406-120 and 8406-121, in September, 2002. These controls will replace the existing part numbers 8406-115 and 8406-116. The new controls are compatible with the existing controls. The differences between the new and existing controls are explained in Application Note 51199 (see below to download or view this document).


It is possible to convert most existing controls to the new software. The 8406-115 can be converted to an 8406-120 only, and the 8406-116 can be converted to an 8406-121 only. Contact a Woodward Distributor in your area to inquire about the conversion process.









The EGCP-3 LS  & EGCP-3 MC are powerful microprocessor-based generator system control and management package designed for the most demanding power generation applications.


The EGCP-3 LS combines engine, generator, power system, switchgear, bus and generator monitoring, protection, and control functions in a single, compact, and cost-effective package. It is perfect for medium and large-sized generation systems, the EGCP-3 LS is designed for use in stand-alone, peaking, or utility paralleled systems. It can be operated alone or networked together with other LS units or EGCP-3 MC units to provide a total system solution for most applications.


The EGCP-3 MC combines power system, switchgear, bus and utility monitoring, protection, and control functions in a single, compact, and cost-effective package. It is perfect for medium and large-sized generating systems, the EGCP-3 MC is designed for use in ATS, peaking, utility paralleled systems and a supervisory control system that works with EGCP-3 LS units to provide total system control, including multiple utility tie applications.








The Peak 150 steam turbine control is a low-cost, compact, digital control for single-valve or single-valve rack steam turbines. It provides convenient operator control and speed display from the front panel. It is housed in a watertight, and dust-tight, enclosure. A corrosion-resistant enclosure designed to meet NEMA 4X requirements is also available.


The Peak 150 digital control is designed to control a steam turbine driving a mechanical load. It provides tight control of speed (NEMA D) and includes an input for a 4–20 mA remote speed control signal, which can be used for a process generated input to control the speed setting. Other features include dual speed control dynamics and over speed trip test capabilities.









The Woodward 2301D and 2301D-EC microprocessor-based controls function like the 2301A load sharing and speed control. The 2301D is a load sharing and speed control, the 2301D-EC is a load sharing and speed control with Extended Communications (Modbus *Communications). *—Modbus is a trademark of Modicon, Inc.


The controls are housed in a sheet-metal chassis for ordinary and hazardous locations, and consist of a single printed circuit board. The 2301D and 2301D-EC are configured using a computer with Woodward Watch Window software. The configuration software is supplied with each control or may be downloaded from the Woodward website ( The computer connects to the 2301D and 2301D-EC through a 9-pin connector (RS-232 port).


The Woodward 2301D and 2301D-EC provide load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel or gaseous engines.


With the flexible configuration software incorporated in the 2301D and 2301D-EC hardware, application variations can now be selected using an external computer (PC). Changing the application to accommodate engine speed range, gear teeth, and selection of forward or reverse acting is a matter of software setup.

The 2301D-EC is capable of communicating using a Modbus RTU protocol, functioning as a Modbus slave device, via RS-232 or RS-422 drivers.


The 2301D and 2301D-EC have four operating modes:

Speed control:

Has multiple dynamics flexibility. Will work

  - Torque limiter

 - New Low Speed Sensing functionality

 - Remote speed & load reference

 - Soft load transfer

 - Automatic Idle to Rated switching

 - Load Rejection /Load Pulse option

 - Idle Droop function

 - PC Configurable

 - Optional Modbus serial