GCP-30 Series

Genset Control Package

Mains & Generator Protection & Control













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SPM-D11 Series Load Share Synchronizer &

SPM-D21 Series Two Breaker Synchronizer/Load Control











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Digital Synchronizer and Load Control






















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GCP-30 Series genset control is designed to provide total control for multiple, medium to large sized applications.


A network of the compact, versatile GCP-30 controls is capable of controlling up to 14 gensets with automatic sequencing. Load management features include automatic base loading/peak shaving, import/export control and emergency power/back up power generation.


The GCP-31 has logic for one circuit breaker and the GCP-32 has logic for two circuit breakers including open/closed transition. Fully integrated communication to engine ECUs including [via CAN bus] standard SAE J1939, Deutz EMR, Scania S6, mtu MDEC; [via RS232] Caterpillar CCM to EMCP-II, and ECM.









The SPM–D11 & SPM-D21 are microprocessor-based synchronizer designed for use on one or three-phase AC generators equipped with Woodward or other compatible speed controls and automatic voltage regulators. The SPM–D11 & SPM-D21 synchronizers provides automatic frequency, phase and voltage matching using either analog- or discrete output bias signals.


The SPM-D11 combines synchronizing for one circuit breaker, load and power factor control or isochronous load sharing and generator protection while SPM-D21 combines synchronizing for a generator circuit breaker (GCB) and a mains circuit breaker (MCB), load and power factor control, and generator and mains protection.









The Woodward DSLC control is a microprocessor-based synchronizer and load control designed for use on three phase AC generators equipped with Woodward or other compatible speed controls and compatible automatic voltage regulators. The DSLC control is a synchronizer, a load sensor, a load control, a dead bus closing system, and optionally a VAR/PF and process control, all integrated into one powerful, yet convenient package.


The DSLC control provides either phase matching or slip frequency automatic synchronizing. The DSLC control talks over its own LON (Local Operating Network using Echelon LonWorks * network technology) to enable safe dead bus closing, and ties into your automatic voltage regulator to match voltages before paralleling.


The DSLC control senses true RMS power and provides bumpless loading and unloading functions. It can either base load or set import/export/process power levels against the utility, and through the DSLC control’s LON, accurately share loads on isolated, multi-engine systems.


The optional VAR/PF control is flexible enough to allow you either to provide a set level of VARs to the utility (if this is economical) or to maintain a constant power factor for reliable operation. Through the LON, the VAR/PF control also shares power factors in isolated systems, maintaining proportional reactive loads (kVARs) on all machines more accurately than droop or cross-current voltage systems.