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Centralized VM600
VM600 system can provide integrated turbo machinery protection, condition and advanced performance monitoring in a single 6U high 19 inch rack. It is a digital, modular and scalable hardware and software solution for plant usage optimization from a single advanced, flexible system. Each VM600 system can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of each application with transducer inputs from accelerometers, dynamic pressure sensors, proximity probes, and velocity, temperature and air gap sensors. These inputs are analyzed to monitor shaft vibration (relative and absolute), displacement, eccentricity, oil pressure, absolute vibration, speed, expansion (absolute, differential and casing) and combustion dynamic pressure. VM600 is SIL 1 rated.

Distributed VibroSmart
Our next generation distributed monitoring solution offers the same rock-solid safety assurance as our centralized solution, but with ATEX Zone 2 (Class I Division 2) certified modules that can be mounted directly on machinery. This simplifies installation and reduces the need for low-noise cabling, resulting in savings of up to 30%. The VibroSmart system of modular and scalable products is highly flexible. It supports all sensor types and uses real-time Ethernet technology to communicate and deliver API-standard machinery monitoring functions.

Visualized VibroSight
The software platform through which data from both platforms are visualized, trended and analyzed. Sensor data is fed through VM600 and VibroSmart's advanced monitoring and diagnostic functions, enabling informed decisions on all aspects of power plant management. Its open architecture makes it easy to expand the system and integrate additional data with existing monitoring functions.


After decades working with the world's turbine manufacturers and power plant integrators, Meggitt has developed one of the widest ranges of active sensors for extreme environments. Today, we monitor virtually every parameter with the extreme environment sensors necessary to provide detailed information on equipment condition.

With field-proven MTBFs as high as one million hours, they are the foundation on which to integrate the advanced diagnostic tools that help users with the prognostics needed to turn data into explicit maintenance actions and monitoring into active management
of system condition.



Meggitt offers a variety of high reliability accelerometers through our well known Vibro-Meter, Endevco and Wilcoxon Research product lines, all with industry leading MTBFs that are typically several times greater than competitors' products. Some accelerometers, such as the Vibro-Meter CA series, operate in the charge mode and work in the most severe and highest temperature environments, while others, such as the CE sensor series, include integrated electronics and are hence more economical and simpler to integrate.

Meggitt offers a wide range of sensors with options to suit every application
●  sensitivities from 10 to 100 pC/g and 10 to 500 mV/g
●  maximum operating temperatures from 120 deg. to 700 deg. C
●  frequency ranges as low as 0.05 or as high as 20,000 Hz
●  explosion proof certification



Pressure sensors
Dynamic pressure monitoring is key to optimizing NOX emissions while maintaining ideal fuel efficiency. Meggitt's dynamic pressure sensors, the CP series from the Vibro-Meter line and the 522 series from the Endevco line, are qualified by most major gas turbine manufacturers for combustor pulsation monitoring and offer the highest reliability in the extreme temperature of modern gas turbine combustors. The GaPO4 (gallium phosphate) piezoelectric material used ensures outstanding thermal behavior (no pyroelectricity) and virtually constant sensitivity. Our acceleration compensated patented technology has

●  the highest sensitivity in the industry, over 750 pC/bar
●  extreme temperature capability with continuous operation up to 777 deg.C
  high overload capability, up to 350 bar
 explosion proof certification
Meggitt's dynamic pressure sensors lead the industry in combustion monitoring and, in conjunction with the VM600 system, provide a complete retrofit combustion monitoring system.


Proximity transducers
Meggitt's Vibro-Meter TQ series eddy current transducers make contact less measurements in gas turbines and turbo-compressors, including shaft relativevibration, radial or axial displacement, differential expansion, thrust and eccentricity. We offer a wide variety of performances to meet any need and Meggitt can provide direct drop-in replacements for most any proximity transducer currently in the field.
●  voltage and current transmission (for long distances)
-40 deg to 180 deg. C
●  a variety of measurement ranges, from 2 to 22 mm
●  explosion proof certification and API 670 compliance


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