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Mechanical Services

Service, repair and overhaul of  governors, actuators and diesel engine generator

Preventive Maintenance Program for Diesel Generator sets, Paralleling Switchgears, ATS, Capacitor Banks, Medium and Low Voltage Switchgears and Protection Relays

On-site installation & field services for Turbine, Diesel Generator and Prime movers controls

Installation of Diesel Generator Sets

Power Engineering

In addition to standard protection applications, such as mains protection and generator/machine protections, for your individual combined protection and control technology projects, we also tailor-made solutions suitable for customers requirement. Further, we specialize controls for interlocking from small, medium and high-voltage switchboard that complies to international standards.

Design, Fabrication, Installation and commissioning of Paralleling Switchgears, ATS, Medium and Low Voltage Switchgears, Capacitor Banks and Motor Control Centers.

Design and Integration of SCADA System.

Upgrades and Retrofits

When you retrofit-, modernize- and extend life of your system, our proposed solution will ensure that your equipment investment is secured, thus allowing you to upgrade your system at a value for money package.

Upgrading of Power Management System from Analog Controls to Full Digital Controls.

Upgrading and Retrofit of Excitation System

Upgrading and Retrofit of Governing System

Retrofit of Medium and low voltage Circuit Breakers