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1. Genset Control

Easygen 3000-XT                       Easyen-1500                         Easygen-2000                    DSLC-2 & MSLC2               1 & 2 - Breaker  LS5 Controller                  EGCP-2 & EGCP-3


2. Engine Governors - Electronics

          505/505XT                                        EPG                                             2301A                                      2301E                                          828                                               MicroNet



3. Engine Actuators

             EPG                                            PG-EG                                     PGPL                                      UG Series                                 TG Series                                   Hydraulic Amplifier      



               CPC-II                                                     EM Actuator                                                 L-Series                                  Pro-ACT                                              Varistroke

3. Valves


         ProACT ITB                    Main Distributing Valve for Hydro                     TecJet                     Servo Position Controller        Digital Valve Positioner        L-Series Valve


4. Turbine Safety

                PROTECH TPS                                      PROTECH SX                                   EPS 1000 Speed Switch          DSS-2 Speed Switch                           ESSE Speed Switch    


4. Auxiliary


          SPM-D2-10 Synchronizer                  ;  SPM-A Synchronizer                     MPU                           LinkNET-HT Distributed I/O 


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